Can You Spot the Common Denominators?

Amelia Zimmerman
2 min readNov 10, 2021
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We tend to trust the things people tell us until we have enough reason not to.

Salespeople and guilty defendants, maybe not, but most of the time, we accept the things people tell us about their lives.

This trust is necessary — it saves a lot of time and stress and mental energy. But we must be wary of how it can blind us.

What do I mean by this?

If someone is constantly telling you about all the drama that goes on in their friendship groups, their workplaces, their family: think twice. Spot the common denominator.

If someone is constantly complaining about the terrible things people do to them — spot the common denominator.

In a riveting narrative, it is easy to miss the quiet presence of the narrator.

But narrators are characters too.

So pay attention to who’s narrating, and the kinds of stories they like to tell. This will tell you more about them than it will about the characters in their stories.

P.S. Where can you spot yourself as the common denominator?

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