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Freelance Writer & Editor — 💡 weekly emails about books, ideas & how things work:


  • Johanny Ortega

    Johanny Ortega

    Opinionated Latina who goes on writing rants about relationships and socioeconomic disparities| MFA student| Soldier | Leader

  • Travis Elsum

    Travis Elsum

    Actuary, runner, writer and nature lover. My articles aim to apply long-term thinking to environmental problems.

  • Lindsay Egginton

    Lindsay Egginton

  • Lisa Yu

    Lisa Yu

    Founder & Managing Director @ Seeyu Studios. Vancouver, CA.

  • Austin Brown

    Austin Brown

  • isheeler


  • Namant


  • Liam Hänel

    Liam Hänel

    CEO & co-founder at Nul ( + read my blog at (I’m not that cool)

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