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We apologise all the time in our culture. Apologies have become so commonplace that sometimes we are told to stop apologising, especially if you are not a man.

Yes, apologies appear to be everywhere, but real apologies are rare.

We are most comfortable apologising when it is clear that we…

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The unsettling truth about summer days is that they cannot last.

Only the naive, who haven’t before seen the turning of seasons, will think summer lasts forever. Naïveté is sweet and innocent and occasionally beautiful, but it is how we get ourselves into trouble.

Naïveté is thinking that the way…

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It is a principle of storytelling in the scriptwriting world that every hero has both an outer want and an inner need.

The hero’s initial quest pursues their outer want: they want to get the girl, get rich, lock up the bad guy and restore peace in the world.


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We all worship something.

You may think you remain totally neutral on this topic, think you are entirely rational and unswayed by calls of devotion.

But even you have something you hold above all else.

Something that bends the way you think, defines the choices you make, shows up in…

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In our culture of hardcore hustle and unrelenting optimism, managing pain is an unpopular topic.

They will talk about pushing through pain. About wishing it away simply by imagining it gone.

They will say you shouldn’t binge Netflix (you should be working on your next project already). They will say…

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Think of life as a mirror.

What you like in others is what you secretly admire in yourself. What you dislike in others is what you privately despise in your own being. …

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The cold reality of adulthood is that there won’t always be someone around to make you feel better.

Parents find lives of their own, friendships wax and wane, time zones push out response times, partnerships burst, intimacy slides.

No longer can you run, screaming and tear-streaked, into an adult’s arms.

Amelia Zimmerman

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